Friday, January 06, 2006

Oldest Jewelry

This piece of jewelry caught my attention for its simple bold beauty. A simple form linked repetitively in horizontal links creates the subtle boldness reflected in the pure color of gold. The munificent use of gold and the rawness of its texture are what create the stunning appeal to this design.

If you read on further, you will realize that the pricelessness of this fascinating product is further complimented by its historic value…

"The earliest gold jewelry dates from the Sumer civilization in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in southern Iraq around 3000 BC. A major archeological find of early jewelry was in the Royal tombs of Ur, in Mesopotamia, dated to around 2,600 BC where gold articles made by lost wax casting included a wild ass on the rein ring of a chariot. Copper and bronze inlaid with gold also date to this period, demonstrating the craft skills in metalworking that existed. A beautifully modeled bull cast in gold dating to 2,300 BC was found in the Caucasus in Eastern Europe. In Egypt, gold jewelry and other artifacts have been found in Pharaoh’s tombs dating to around 1500 BC and later."

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